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To refurbish an old and used computer usually consists many processes. Therefore, we at TellusRem have developed a pattern for sales and production, that is flexible and it eases and speeds up our customers’ business. We have our own stock of keyboards, which makes it faster for us to supply our customers with any model they need. We renovate all laptop keyboards, among which are Lenovo, HP and Dell keyboards. You can skip the waiting process by ordering keyboards from our stock. Then while you take your time to take the keyboards out from your computers, we make sure the keyboards you have ordered from us are there on time to replace your old keyboards. After this you can ship these old keyboards back to us for a buy back. Finally, you end up paying only the SWOP price.

Laptop Reprinting Services: Our Expertise


Explore Our Range of Laptop Keyboards

Discover a wide selection of laptop keyboard models in our inventory, catering to Lenovo, HP, and Dell users. Whether you require keyboards in a specific language or layout, we’ve got you covered. All our keyboards are backed by a generous 12-months warranty and boast pristine, fully refurbished A-Grade  quality.

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Call and order your keyboard today, have your new refurbished keyboard the following day, and then send us your old keyboards in return … SWOP!
This way you can finish your keyboard refurbishing process in one take.
We have the most keyboard varieties and we do not compromise in any of our processes, this way you will always be able to count on our standard.

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