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Our Lovely Production Team

Our Lovely Production Team

Wahida, Jalal, Samih, Reza, Sandra, Iftikhar, Bayan & Nenad

About Tellus Remarketing

TellusRem focuses on the laptop industry. The company’s products and services, both for the refurbishment market and new products, aim to help companies remove the barriers they face when selling their products across borders. TellusRem offers companies flexibility by applying any language format to any laptop keyboard, and in an ever-changing world with supply chain challenges, the company helps customers be flexible.

CEO Morten Hvitved has been in the keyboard refurbishment industry for over 30 years, from keycap molding to reprinting. As a pioneer, he could see the rising problem when refurbished laptops had to be sold across borders: The keyboard layout needed to be changed. Quickly. Being the first to offer keyboard reprinting, TellusRem has continued to improve its production and quality which is so good that manufacturers like Lenovo, HP, Dell & Acer use our services for brand-new laptops.

  • Lower your carbon with refurbished keyboards & reprinting
  • Quick and easy process. Ship to us and we reprint and deliver after 2-5 days
  • In-house graphic designer so you can get the layout you need.
  • We offer SWOP – Buyback deals!

Part of Circular IT group

TellusRem has been part of Circular IT group ( since 2022. Together with the other companies within the group, we are committed to Circular IT. The group offers Circular IT solutions aimed at extending the lifespan of IT assets and thus minimizing the negative impact of the IT value chain on the environment and resource use.


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