We have your language

We have most european languages in stock so you can get your shipment ready the day after. Even if we miss artwork for your particular order we can prepare it in advance before your keyboards arrive at our warehouse so we have the order shipped back to you on time. This way you save time and we proceed your order faster.

Let it shine

Sometimes, but seldom, we do not have what you need in stock. In that case we take your keyboards and make them shine. Below you can see a quick tour showing the processes your keyboards go through at TellusRem.

Washing, drying and priming process

Old keyboards can be dirty and greasy and old hair and crumbs can be hiding under the keys. To make an old keyboard fully clean we have developed a washing system that fully washes and cleans a keyboard while we still keep all the sensitive eletronic parts alive.

A full drying process where all moisture is taken out of the keyboard is a must.

Before applying the new layout and printing a specially developed priming makes sure that new printing and layout sticks to the keys.

Our laser technology removes the old paint

In case the laptop keyoard has built in backlight and if the backlight function needs to be fully recovered a removal of old printing is necessary.

TellusRem has a patented way of removing the old paint with a tolerance of 0,01 my. Our laser technology is built specifically to remove old letters and paint. This makes a perfect surface for the printing process. As the example above shows, it is simply a brand-new clean surface ready to start printing from scratch.

Getting the graphics right

Our designers prepare the language layout which would suit your keyboard model. If you ship your keyboards to us, it would be convinient to inform our sales person about the models you are shipping so we can prepare the layout in advance if we miss it.

The original graphics from the original keyboard manufacturer is matched and duplicated so no one can see the difference between original and refurbished. We strive to make the keyboards look as original as possible!

The renewed keyboards

TellusRem uses high performance printing technology providing the opportunity for high precision ink dot placement and a beautiful print technology with top-level productivity.

After printing all keyboards are protected with a UV protective clear coat for strengthening and durability matching the original keyboard.


The typical shipping time of your order  if between 2 to 4 working days after order confirmation. We can ship the order to your warehouse or we can ship it directly to your customer by your request. We supply you with a tracking number for every delivery we send to you and we ship worldwide.

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Find us


Tellus re:marketing ApS, Hejrevang 17, 3450 Allerød, Denmark
T: (+45) 70 60 54 55, sales@tellusrem.com

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